Tire Recalls

Tire Recalls

Auto manufacturers and tire makers are required to put their tires through a stringent series of test before installing them on their cars or selling them to the public. When a tire blows out or the tread separates at highway speeds, everyone in the car and driving in the vicinity are placed in serious danger of injury and death.

In recent years, Firestone and other tire manufacturers have placed certain tire models under recall, because of design and manufacture defects that put the driving public in danger.

The courts have ruled that recalling a tire model from the road does not remove liability for damages to injured parties. If you or a member of your family suffered injury in a New York car accident caused by a separated tread or blowout on a recalled model of tire, talk to an attorney at Rosenbaum Personal Injury Lawyers, in New York City.

We are one of New York City’s pre-eminent personal injury litigation firms, representing plaintiffs in products liability claims against large auto and tire manufacturers. Contact us if you have been injured in an accident involving a recalled or defective brand of tires, or any other type of auto defect, including:

  • Defective seatbelts, seat backs and airbags
  • Defective windshields
  • Roof crushes
  • Brake failure
  • Sudden acceleration, defective accelerator
  • Steering failure

Thorough Investigation

Personal injury and wrongful death litigation involving auto product defects like tire tread separation or blowouts require knowledge of physical forces and consumer safety testing requirements. Auto and tire manufacturers have a lot to lose when one of their products makes the news because of a significant lawsuit. They fight aggressively to avoid being blamed for causing the accident or contributing to the extent of injuries. We work with independent auto accident reconstruction specialists, when necessary, to investigate the accident and prepare the strongest, clearest case for full and fair money damages.

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