Seeking Compensation For Cancer Caused By Exposure To Roundup

Seeking Compensation For Cancer Caused By Exposure To Roundup

Roundup was and continues to be one of the most popular herbicides on the market. The product was marketed as completely safe for humans. But in recent years, groups like the International Agency for Research on Cancer have revealed that Roundup exposure can cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma and similar forms of cancer.

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A Brief History Of Roundup And Its Owners

Monsanto began selling Roundup in the mid-1970s. Its active ingredient is glyphosate, and Monsanto alone sold glyphosate-based herbicides until the year 2000.

In a successful effort to boost its popularity, Monsanto even created genetically engineered crop seeds designated as “Roundup Ready.” This meant that the crops were not harmed by the application of Roundup. We now know that the same cannot be said for humans who were exposed to it.

In 2018, Monsanto was sold to Bayer. The German pharmaceutical company now finds itself facing more than 11,000 Roundup-related lawsuits in the United States alone. By some estimates, settling all of those lawsuits would cost the company more than $5 billion.

Users Were Not Warned Of Dangers

Roundup is used by farmers and agricultural workers, plant/tree nursery workers, landscapers and home gardeners. Monsanto has always claimed that the product is completely safe for humans, which is likely why so many Roundup users didn’t put on protective gear to avoid inhalation or contact with skin. These are two of the most common ways that victims are exposed.

If you’ve used Roundup for an extended period of time (either professionally or personally) and are now suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma or other serious health issues, you are not alone. We want to help you seek justice and compensation from those who falsely marketed this product as safe.

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