Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

If a negligent individual or business caused you or a loved one to suffer a serious burn injury, you need to know that there is hope.

The road to recovery may be long and hard, but many people who have been severely burned go on to lead happy, productive lives.

You shouldn’t have to go through this alone, and you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden caused by another’s negligence. At the New York City law firm of Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum on Wall Street, we fight for justice and maximum financial compensation for burn injury and other serious injury survivors in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Experience Is Important In Burn Injury Cases

The treatment for burn injuries often involves multiple surgeries, skin grafts, months of rehabilitation, psychological counseling and future plastic or reconstructive surgery. At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, we will fight for the compensation you need to cover the cost of current and future care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Our capable attorneys have extensive experience in complex personal injury cases involving long-term recovery and substantial future costs. We can handle a full range of burn injury cases, including:

  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical injury
  • House, apartment and commercial building fires
  • Severe burns suffered in an industrial accident or explosion
  • Inhalation burn injury to the lungs caused by heat, smoke or fumes

The Degrees Of Burn Severity

There are four degrees of burn severity:

  • First degree: A first-degree burn is the least severe of all burns. A typical sunburn, without blistering, is an example of this type of burn. Those who suffer this type of superficial burn normally heal within three to five days.
  • Second degree: A second-degree burn is more severe, blisters are often present and both the epidermis and upper dermal layers are affected. It often takes two to three weeks for this type of burn to heal.
  • Third degree: This type of burn results in damage to all of the skin’s layers, and the damage can extend into the tissues underneath the dermis. Burn injuries this severe can take months to fully heal and may require skin grafts.
  • Fourth degree: Fourth-degree burns are the most severe of all. This type of burn extends to the bone and muscle tissue. The time required for fourth-degree burns to heal is often extensive and varies by individual.

Third and fourth-degree burns can cause a shock in the victim; this means that the organs do not get the needed amount of blood or oxygen, leading to severe organ damage or even death.

The amount of personal injury compensation for which you may be eligible will vary depending upon the severity of your burn. The severity of the burn will determine the amount of medical attention you need, the length of your recovery period, your ability to return to work and your requirements for future medical care.

Scalding Water

Hot water injuries can change a person’s life in an instant. Whether the victim spilled scalding water on him or herself or suffered burns after getting in a hot tub that was too hot, the injuries are often immediate and severe.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious burn injuries from scalding water, our attorneys can help hold the negligent parties accountable and help ensure that others don’t suffer the same way you did.

What Causes Scalding Water Burns?

Anytime there is hot water, there is the possibility that it may get scalding hot and cause burn injuries. We represent victims injured in a wide range of accidents:

  • Hot tubs or whirlpools with scalding hot water
  • Faucet water in apartments, gyms or hotels that was too hot
  • Scalding hot bath water in nursing homes
  • Waiters or waitresses who spill hot beverages on customers
  • Waiters or waitresses who spill or splash hot water on themselves

Scalding hot water is often caused by unregulated or malfunctioning thermostats, water heaters or pressure balancing valves. Surges in water pressure and other malfunctions in temperature regulators can also cause water to become exceedingly hot.

Burn Injuries To Children, Elderly Adults And People With Disabilities

Sadly, children, elderly adults and people with disabilities are the most common victims of hot water injuries. Children and people with mental disabilities may not understand the differences between the hot and cold water faucets, or they may not immediately realize that water is too hot. Seniors may slip in the bathtub and be unable to avoid the hot water.

In addition, because children and elderly adults have more tender skin, they are more vulnerable to burn injuries.

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