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Fatal car accident in New York orphans 2 children

Every day, many people are involved in vehicle accidents. Drivers who exhibit reckless behavior such as speeding or failing to obey traffic signals are often the cause of these types of accidents in New York and throughout the country. The injured party or their loved ones may pursue a civil claim based on the negligence… read more

Car accident injures two New York women

Automobile accidents occur in New York every day. The accidents are often a result of negligent drivers who are on their cellular phones or fail to use car signals. A car accident resulting in injury can give rise to a personal injury claim depending on the presence of a driver’s negligence. In New York, a… read more

Man files wrongful death suit in NY for negligent care of wife

A wrongful death may arise from several scenarios including a fatal accident or a doctor’s malpractice. In our July 23rd post, we discussed how families of victims of fatal accidents might file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation for their incurred expenses, such as loss of family income, medical and funeral costs. While wrongful… read more

Drug Disposal: A Public Health Threat

The unsystematic disposal of prescription drugs is a currently underappreciated societal issue. Unused medications pollute landfills, ground water and drinking water, as well as enable suicide, poisoning and antibiotic resistance. These negative consequences are rampant, as 80% of monitored streams have measurable concentrations of prescription drugs, including steroids and hormones.  This ongoing problem can cause… read more

Injury to New York baby, others, prompts stroller recall

Nearly every parent uses a stroller for his or her baby and depends on manufacturers to provide safe products that will not harm children. Unfortunately, strollers and other children’s products can be dangerous. Parents spend numerous hours researching products to prevent exposing a defective product to their child, yet such products may still be recalled… read more

FDA Drug Recalls Not Well Publicized

Harmful drugs are recalled every month – meaning the drugs were available for public consumption and widespread use prior to a recall being issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A study released on June 4, 2012, found that the FDA’s drug recall notification system is shockingly deficient in communicating the news of these… read more

Fatal accident in New York kills two, seriously injures three

There is no easy way to deal with death. Through the grieving process, individuals will face some of the most difficult and painful days of their lives. When a person’s negligent or careless act causes the death of a loved one, friends and family tend to be unforgiving. Several families in New York are mourning,… read more

Strict concussion-brain injury law now in effect in New York

New York parents and their student athletes should be interested to know of a law that recently went into effect. As of July 1, students suffering from concussions or even just possible concussions will not be allowed back into a game. They will be prohibited from participating in the sport at all until they are… read more

New York Jets player blamed in car accident

Nodding off while driving, chatting on the phone while behind the wheel or simply lack of attention to the road are only a few of the mistakes drivers sometimes make. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cause car accidents, leading to serious injury or even death. A New York Jets player knows the seriousness of these accidents… read more

New York motorcycle accident leaves 2 dead

Accidents, some fatal, occur on a daily basis around New York. Often, the negligence of an individual or company causes the death or serious injury of a loved one. Accident or not, those grieving the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident are in deep distress. Depending on the details of the case,… read more