Accidents happen every day in New York and across the country. When the negligence of an individual or company causes death or serious personal injury to a loved one, families tend to be understandably unforgiving. Depending on the circumstances of the case, some victims or their families may be awarded compensation.

One New York company is facing this scenario after a deadly construction site accident. This company was slapped with 11 violations by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration. OSHA claims the company knew its building was unstable, but hurried to complete it anyway. When the building did come down, it caused the death of one and injuries to four others. While $77,880 is a large amount of money, these fines cannot replace the lost life of that one or heal the injuries of the four others.

The worst part of this story? According to the OSHA director in Brooklyn, the collapse of this building could have been avoided had safeguards and appropriate procedures been followed.

According to investigators, the individuals working for this construction company were told to start pouring concrete on the top three floors of the five-story building before the concrete on the bottom two floors had a chance to harden. Too unstable to hold the weight of the top three floors, the building buckled. Seven workers were trapped under the wreckage.

Individuals living in the Brighton Beach area reportedly support the fines that have been proposed against this company. They commented to reporters covering the disaster that there was a rush to get the job done and a lack of supervision.

The construction company needs to either pay the fines or appeal the decision; they have two weeks to do so.

Source: Courier Life’s Brooklyn Daily, “SP&K Construction slapped with $77,880 in fines,” Daniel Bush, May 24, 2012

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