The 75,000 women who had pelvic surgery with pelvic mesh implantation last year did not know that more than half of them would be forced to have more surgery to remove the defective product because of pain, bleeding and infection. Some of these women needed up to three extra surgeries as a result of serious injuries that the FDA attributed to be caused by the surgical mesh implants, and ten percent of these women experienced erosion or exposure of the mesh within a year.

Hundreds of product liability lawsuits have been brought against Johnson & Johnson for serious injuries caused by the defective product. The company is responding to the lawsuits by issuing a press release publicizing its plans to phase out selling the surgical mesh products over the next few months. Johnson & Johnson has not admitted the mesh is a dangerous product but claims their decision to discontinue it is for commercial reasons a/k/a the expensive cost of defending against the increasing number of product liability lawsuits being brought against them.

These lawsuits forced the company to respond to the harm their product caused by taking it off the market and setting aside money for the lawsuits. Although a product recall has not been issued, the discontinuance of the product and public becoming informed of its danger is considered a victory by consumer safety advocates.

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