One family is grieving the apparent wrongful death of a loved one after a 64-year-old woman was killed at a McDonald’s in New York. This fatal accident occurred when a 75-year-old woman backed her vehicle onto the curb outside of a McDonald’s in Brooklyn. Evidently, she was trying to park and accidentally hit the victim in the process, pinning her up against a wall.

Following the incident, witnesses described the driver as shaken. The victim was taken to the Beth Israel Hospital. Upon arrival, she was pronounced dead.

The apparent shock of the driver suggests that her actions were entirely accidental. Unfortunately, one woman is now dead due to the mistake. It has not been reported whether or not the family of the victim plans to pursue civil action against the driver.

While police do not suspect any criminal activity, the family of this woman may still have a cause of action against the driver. When an individual is killed due to the negligence or carelessness of another person, compensation is in order.

It appears that the victim of this apparent wrongful death was loved by many. Neighbors have expressed their difficulty in coping with her death and reflected upon her cheerful personality in comments to reporters.

A fatal accident of this sort is a shame. This woman’s life was cut short for no reason at all. In this case, a wrongful death claim may be brought against the driver. While no amount of money can ease the loss of a loved one, the families of those who are killed deserve to see justice served on behalf of the deceased.

Source: NBC New York, “Woman pinned by car, killed at Brooklyn McDonald’s,” Katy Tur, June 1, 2012

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