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Fatal accident, personal injury caused by wrong-way drunk driver

Residents from New York are well-aware that motor vehicle accidents are often devastating. Many times, the accident is a result of distracted driving or some other form of negligence, but other times the cause is more egregious. A Queens woman was recently arraigned on a nine-count indictment for a fatal accident that resulted from her… read more

Wrongful death case possible following teen’s fatal fall

A teenage boy fell to his death late last month at a Bronx apartment complex near the Cross Bronx Expressway. Several factors indicate that a wrongful death lawsuit might come as a result of the fatal accident, which happened when the teenager apparently slipped and fell while hanging curtains in his fifth floor apartment. A… read more

Elevator drop, collapsed building cause personal injuries

Two scary situations for New York residents in the same day led to injuries. On a Tuesday in September a 46-year-old man was involved in an accident at the Paramount Building that caused him to suffer neck and back injuries. The injuries occurred after an elevator at the building suddenly dropped three stories with the… read more

New York police officer charged in death of pedestrian

A New York City police officer faces several charges after he allegedly hit and killed a male pedestrian in a fatal accident recently. The 25-year-old officer barely had a year of police duty under his belt before the accident. He was driving a 2011 Honda Accord close to 241st Street on White Plains Road during… read more

Personal injury lawyer faced with pain and suffering lawsuit

In recent news, a local personal injury lawyer is facing personal injury woes of his own. The lawsuit stems from a car accident that involved the lawyer’s car but was driven by one of the lawyer’s employees. According to a lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court, the driver of the Bentley crashed into a Nissan… read more