Two scary situations for New York residents in the same day led to injuries. On a Tuesday in September a 46-year-old man was involved in an accident at the Paramount Building that caused him to suffer neck and back injuries. The injuries occurred after an elevator at the building suddenly dropped three stories with the man inside. The fire department arrived quickly, but the man had to be transported to Bellevue Hospital for his injuries. Police are investigating the cause of the malfunction, but building personnel claim the elevators do not have a history of falling.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen people were injured after a two-story building collapsed in Harlem onto a city bus. According to a news report, the building was supposed to have been knocked down some time ago. Authorities responding to the scene told reporters 17 people were injured, although none were life-threatening. Two police officers were also injured in the incident. Police have not released any information as to why the building fell.

In both situations, building managers have a responsibility to ensure their premises are safe. If they fail in this responsibility, legal responsibility may be owed to victims who are injured as a result of the negligence. Victims in these accidents may benefit from a consultation with an experienced New York City attorney. The attorney can help assess the best options for collecting compensation for personal injury and the victims may be able to file a suit for negligence against the building manager or others. The attorney can also help establish the circumstances leading to the accident, which will be useful in deciding whether to file a suit as well as determining all negligent parties.

Source: All Media NY, “Times Square Elevator Drops; Harlem Building Collapses on Bus,” Stephanie Ortiz, Sept. 20, 2011

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