Car accidents resulting in personal injury do not happen every day in the Bronx, but Oct. 13 was an exception. On this otherwise peaceful day, pedestrians on Marmion Avenue had to scramble for their lives as a car veered off the street and onto the sidewalk. While no one was killed, three people suffered personal injury as a result of the accident.

The incident took place in the 1800 block of Marmion Avenue. Two vehicles driving on Marmion Avenue appear to have hit each other in a head-on collision. One of the vehicles was sent veering onto the sidewalk and crashed into a building. Three people have been reported to have sustained injuries. Their conditions are not known.

While the details of this accident are sketchy, we know that three people were injured in the crash. It is up to the police to figure out how and why this accident took place. Drivers and pedestrians expect a certain level of safety and are entitled to it when it comes to any type of reckless action committed by others. If it is found that one or both drivers were at fault for this accident, then those who were injured may have legal actions they may wish to pursue. These actions may include compensation for medical bills, lost work time, and other forms of damages.

When a person is injured in the Bronx, or elsewhere, a good first step may be to consult with a trained and experienced personal injury lawyer. These professionals may be able to detail what options are available. They may also be able to assist in explaining what course of action is best for the injured party.

Source: NBC New York, “Crash Sends Car into Building in Bronx,” Oct. 13, 2011

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