Brain Injury

What support is there for victims of brain injury?

Throughout New York, countless families have had to adapt to the serious injuries suffered by one or more of their loved ones. Tragic accidents caused by the negligence, carelessness or even malice of other people can result in life-changing harm being caused to innocent people. This can range from minor injuries that take them out… read more

New York crash leaves victim with TBI

It is no secret that a brain injury can turn your life upside-down. These injuries can be so varied that it is difficult to know what to expect or how best to treat them. The sooner the injury is identified, the better, as this gives doctors a better chance of beginning a treatment that may… read more

A contusion may be as serious as a concussion

It is no secret that the brain is an exceedingly delicate organ. Unfortunately, every year in New York, countless individuals suffer injuries to their heads that result in long-term damage to their brains. No matter how small the impact may initially seem, if you hit your head, it is always advisable to seek immediate medical… read more

Are brain injuries easy to detect?

Most people in New York will have hit their head on something at some point in their lives. However, something that far too few people realize is that even a seemingly minor knock can have life-changing consequences. The brain is extremely delicate and even with the protection of the skull, it can still be seriously… read more

A brain injury could change your life

It is all too easy to forget how swiftly lives can be turned upside down. Throughout New York, countless individuals live with injuries that have altered the way they move, act and even think. In many cases, these injuries involve some form of trauma to the head, damaging the victim’s brain and permanently changing the… read more

Any head trauma could cause brain injury

As many residents of New York already know, a head injury can often be a serious matter. Aside from the potential risk of damage to facial features, sight and hearing, the brain is also put at great risk. However, something many people don’t realize is that even a seemingly minor blow can be extremely dangerous…. read more

Seek immediate help if you suspect a brain injury

The damage that can be caused by a minor knock is far greater than many people realize. However, each year in New York, more and more families become familiar with the tragic reality of living with a brain injury. Victims of these devastating injuries often have their lives completely altered and often require constant supervision… read more

How are brain injuries treated?

Suffering a traumatic brain injury can be life-changing, both for the victim and their family. Unfortunately it is something that affects countless people in New York every year. These injuries can range in severity dramatically, depending on the type of injury, the region of the brain that is damaged and how quickly treatment is begun…. read more

What are the possible long-term effects of a brain injury?

If you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, the future may seem uncertain. The fragility of the brain and its importance within the body mean that even a seemingly minor injury can have devastating consequences. You could find yourself unable to return to work or even to perform simple tasks. Furthermore you may… read more

How do you know if you have a concussion?

It can be all too easy to dismiss an injury as minor and harmless. However, when that injury is a blow to the head, it should not be ignored. Brain injuries can have long-term effects with life-changing consequences which may be even more severe if left untreated. In a previous post, we looked at the… read more