The damage that can be caused by a minor knock is far greater than many people realize. However, each year in New York, more and more families become familiar with the tragic reality of living with a brain injury. Victims of these devastating injuries often have their lives completely altered and often require constant supervision or long-term care.

The brain is so delicate that it only takes the most minor of knocks to do damage. At first you may think it’s nothing, but symptoms can take weeks or even months to develop. You may notice problems with your memory, nightmares or trouble sleeping. You could experience mood swings or fall into depression. All of these things may be symptoms of an undiagnosed brain injury.

As such, it is vital to seek medical attention whenever you receive a blow to the head, even if you believe it is nothing. The sooner an issue is identified, the sooner it can be treated and the greater the chance of recovery. As this article on brain injuries explains, it is better to be safe than sorry, so it is always worth investigating. Furthermore, if your doctor tells you it is nothing, but you later begin to develop any symptoms, you should return for a second checkup.

The cost of treating such injuries can be high and you may be worried about how you can cover your daily living costs as medical bills begin to mount up. An attorney may be able to assist you if you attempt to secure a payout from your insurance provider or if you decide to seek compensation from whoever was responsible for your injury.

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