Brain Injury

Study finds that Zika could affect adult brain cells

Most news stories focus on the fact that Zika can cause birth defects if an infected mosquito bites a woman who is pregnant. But researchers from Rockefeller University found that the Zika virus might also affect adult human brain cells. Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure for Zika however this post can discuss the potential health… read more

Former wrestlers sue WWE for brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries were the buzzword for all manner of neurological injuries associated with football, soccer, and cheerleading. But one sport went largely under the radar regarding traumatic brain injury investigations ? wrestling. More than 50 former wrestlers sued the WWE arguing that the WWE knew about the potential for brain injury and withheld information… read more

Cheerleading and its connection to brain injuries

When one thinks of brain injuries, they think about football, boxing and martial arts ? not cheerleading. Unfortunately, a study that was published in the Journal of Pediatrics found that cheerleaders are among the most likely to underreport a brain injury. Underreporting brain injuries is serious because it could lead to further long-term damage. This… read more

Caring for someone with a brain injury

The brain is a delicate organ that can be injured in any number of ways including sports injuries, car accidents, falling objects, and infections. The key to managing brain injuries is to control what you can, namely how you treat yourself after incurring the injury. Major brain damage symptoms may develop after the accident event… read more

Potential compensation for brain injuries

It might be easy to forget that you got bumped on the head a while back. In fact, you may not even believe you were that injured. Sure you had a concussion but people get those all the time. Brain injuries are difficult to heal and are complicated cases because the symptoms may take months… read more

How to figure appropriate compensation for your brain injury

Brain injuries are terrifying. Infections, broken bones and lacerations are all something tangible; something you can fight with determination and science. However, a brain injury is insidious. You may not even be aware that your brain is injured. With medical expenses piling up, you or a loved one may be tempted to accept an insurance… read more

Study warns children are at risk of brain injury deaths

It is no secret that a brain injury is a very serious matter, no matter how old or young you are. Yet, as many parents in New York will agree, it is most people’s worst nightmare to learn that such an injury has befallen their child. Brain injuries can significantly affect all aspects of a… read more

There is still hope after a brain injury

In New York, accidents happen all the time, on the roads, in the home and even at work. No matter how careful you are, sometimes things simply go wrong. On top of that, you can also be put at risk by the negligent acts of others. Their mistake can result in you being injured and… read more

How does mild brain injury occur?

In New York, countless people are involved in serious accidents every year, some of which can leave them with permanent disabilities. However, even a seemingly minor incident can have life-changing results. Such is the case with mild brain injuries. These can result from blows to the head or even violent shaking, such as may occur… read more

Always seek help after a head injury

Most people in New York have hit their head at one time or another. Often it is just a minor knock and, although it may hurt a little, no more is thought of it. In many cases, this turns out to be fine and there are no lasting effects. However, this is not always the… read more