Cerebral palsy does not reference a particular condition or illness; it refers to a collection of disorders that affect a baby’s brain and nervous system. Cerebral palsy affects the brain function and bodily movement of its victim. Cerebral palsy is a condition that arises either during or immediately after delivery. This post will go over cerebral palsy and its connection to medical malpractice.

Many people do not realize it, but cerebral palsy arises when oxygen flow to the brain is cut off during delivery or immediately after. Sometimes the result is an accident and cannot be traced to a particular incident. But, in most cases, a careful read of the patient’s case will reveal who acted negligently and when.

If you believe that your child suffered due to hospital or doctor negligence, then you must prove that the physician owed your child a duty, that she breached that duty, and that her failure to meet the duty caused harm to your child. Doctors are held to a higher standard than other people, therefore, your doctor must act in conformity with other physicians.

If you believe that your child suffered a brain injury during the delivery process or while in the hospital’s care, then you may want to speak to a lawyer as soon as convenient. You probably are not thinking about filing a lawsuit, especially so close to your child’s birth. But it is important to divorce emotion from the reality that your child if he or she suffers from Cerebral Palsy or a similar condition, will need a substantial amount of funds to pay for her long-term care. Cerebral palsy is a debilitating condition that will require your child to undergo extensive care for the rest of her life. Government programs can supplement, but they cannot replace the recovery you can receive from the courts.

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