Slip and falls are a deceptively innocuous name for a very active area of litigation. Slips and trips may not sound dangerous but many people, under the right conditions, suffer catastrophic injuries to their back, neck, and brain due to slip and falls. This post will go over the potential brain injuries you could suffer from a trip and fall.

Given the right dangerous condition, you could easily suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI is a severe brain injury that is caused by severe trauma to the brain, usually from an accident, such as a slip and fall. TBIs are probably among the most dangerous and serious injuries you could suffer from a slip and fall.

Slip and falls result in TBIs because people are caught off guard and unable to brace themselves for impact. The most typical conditions that give rise to these serious injuries are:

  • Uneven surfaces;
  • Loose floorboards, mats, or carpeting;
  • Errant power cords;
  • Debris or clutter;
  • Insufficient lighting;
  • Spilled oil or grease;
  • Ice.

All of these conditions catch people off guard which magnifies the impact they receive when they fall. TBIs are known to cause brain damage (reduced mental capability), confusion, nausea, dizziness, migraines, and other serious symptoms that can last for the rest of the victims’ life.

Do you believe you suffered a head injury due to a slip and fall? If yes, then you should call a lawyer at your earliest convenience. Brain injuries are difficult to manage because new symptoms, arising from an old injury, can crop up months or even years later. It is, therefore, critical that you secure sufficient compensation to cover those future medical expenses. An attorney can assist you by reviewing your case, interviewing witnesses, and gathering facts to support your position. You don’t need to go through this alone; an attorney can help.

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