Suffering a traumatic brain injury can be life-changing, both for the victim and their family. Unfortunately it is something that affects countless people in New York every year. These injuries can range in severity dramatically, depending on the type of injury, the region of the brain that is damaged and how quickly treatment is begun.

TBI victims may suffer from cognitive difficulties, including amnesia, trouble forming new memories and difficulty reasoning. Their emotions may become erratic and they may struggle to speak, move, read or even eat. Some of these injuries result in permanent disabilities, leaving victims in need of long-term care. However, there are various treatment methods that can be attempted in order to restore brain injury sufferers to as normal a life as possible.

The initial treatment provided following such an injury is aimed at stabilizing the patient. This may include treating other injuries and monitoring vital signs to ensure that he or she survives the incident. Once medical professionals are happy that the patient is out of immediate danger, they can consider moving onto other treatments.

Some brain injuries may require surgery in order to reduce pressure in the skull and any swelling of the brain. Surgery can also be used to ensure that the injured brain is still receiving enough oxygen and blood. Acute treatments such as inducing a coma or placing the patient on life support may also be employed in severe cases.

Finally, rehabilitation is used to help patients regain abilities they have lost so they can begin to return to the life they had prior to the accident. It is a long process, but it is vital to persevere. While the cost of treatment could be high, you may be able to claim compensation or a seek a payout from your insurance provider to help cover the costs. An attorney can advise you about your options and might be able to help you choose the path that suits you best.

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