Most people in New York will have hit their head on something at some point in their lives. However, something that far too few people realize is that even a seemingly minor knock can have life-changing consequences. The brain is extremely delicate and even with the protection of the skull, it can still be seriously damaged by falls, violent shaking or even oxygen deprivation.

This means that even without a blow to the head, it is possible to suffer injury to your brain. But how easy is it to detect when this has occurred? Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of a brain injury can take weeks or even months to become apparent. They may be as subtle as increased mood swings or getting drowsy more frequently.

In other cases, as this article on brain injuries explains, you could suffer memory loss or struggle to form new memories and associations. You may even lose basic motor skills, leaving you unable to walk, eat, or even talk. This in turn could result in the need for longterm rehabilitation therapy so you can relearn those skills.

In general, if there is any chance that you could have suffered a brain injury, you should seek medical attention immediately. The sooner the injury is identified, the greater the chance that treatment may be effective. However, the signs of a brain injury can often be confused with symptoms of other illnesses, so it vital to stand your ground and seek a second opinion if you think anything has been overlooked.

You may also benefit from the advice of an attorney, especially if your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence or malice. Your attorney can explain the options available to you and may be able to assist you if you decide to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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