Advances in modern medicine may prompt many in New York to believe that almost any medical procedure is now routine. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in childbirth. There was a time period where going through delivery could easily put a mother at risk, yet today, most couples do not expect to experience any complications. If and when they do happen, those affected by them may justly want to know why. Given how current practices are designed to limit the risks to both mother and baby during delivery, complications may then often be due to doctor error. 

That was what was being alleged in a lawsuit filed by a Kansas man who claims that the negligent treatment of his wife cost her her life shortly after delivering the couple’s son. The lawsuit claims that the woman had been administered a large amount of intravenous fluids, and that those fluids began accumulating in her lungs. Yet her husband believes that nurses were not prompt in letting doctors know of the issue, and that caused his wife to eventually die from asphyxiation. Representatives of the hospital the women delivered at (which was named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with the doctors who treated her) say that a pre-existing arterial blockage was the cause of her death, and that nothing could have been done to prevent it. 

Successfully mounting an argument of medical malpractice against a doctor or hospital (both of whom bring a wealth of clinical information to counter such claims) may seem daunting. Those hoping to do so may find that their chances of success are bolstered if they have an experienced attorney on their side. 

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