When you are unwell, it is hard not to speculate about what might be wrong. Unfortunately, many symptoms can be present in multiple, vastly different illnesses, meaning that what appears to be one illness could actually be another. Fortunately, your doctor is trained to weigh up all the possibilities and treat you for the condition that most accurately fits your symptoms. In many cases, this is done successfully and patients are soon on the road to recovery.

However, not all patients in New York are so lucky and many find themselves in a worse condition than they were before their appointment. Misdiagnosis can be extremely dangerous, not only because it means your condition is not treated correctly, but also because you may be subjected to treatment that you do not need.

The big problem with this is that many medicines can be harmful if they are taken when they are not required. The same can be said for other treatments, such as unnecessary surgery or chemotherapy. While these traumatic procedures can be highly beneficial in the right place, if carried out in error, they can have a serious effect on the patient’s health and well-being.

As this article on medical malpractice explains, if you are misdiagnosed, you may have a malpractice case. However, this largely depends on whether the doctor should reasonably have detected the condition. If he or she is found to have ignored or overlooked key factors, then it is possible that they will be considered liable for any harm you experienced as a result.

If you feel you might have a case, an attorney might be able to advise you. It can seem like a lot to go through when you are already unwell, but it could help you move toward receiving the treatment you deserve.

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