New York Workplace Injury Attorney

New York Workplace Injury Attorney

Most employees working for a business operating in New York are covered by the state’s comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance, in the event of a workplace injury. These benefits are specifically intended to cover medical costs directly related to the injury and loss of earnings while the worker is unable to return to usual employment.

Because these benefits are so limited and specific, the monthly payments typically cover only a portion of the actual financial damages resulting from a catastrophic, life-changing injury.

Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., and its experienced NYC construction accident lawyers are recognized as one of New York City’s pre-eminent law firms representing injured workers in third-party lawsuits to seek full and fair compensation for workplace injuries.

We help you seek financial damages from negligent parties held liable for your accident, including manufacturers of defective products and work equipment, negligent subcontractors and property owners who are responsible for providing a safe work environment.

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Under Labor Laws 240 and 241, property owners can be held liable for damages in an accident, while product manufacturers and subcontractors may also be held responsible for installing faulty scaffolding and other structures. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine the full extent of liability and seek maximum compensation from every responsible party.

Did the landowner, contractor, or subcontractor cut corners to cut costs? Did they knowingly keep faulty equipment in operation at the construction site? Did they fail to instruct employees in the proper use of machinery, tools, or equipment?

Did a subcontractor fail to clean up after himself, leaving booby traps at the worksite? As your attorneys, we work to find answers to these questions. Our goal is to secure the compensation that you deserve for your on-the-job injuries.

In construction accident cases as in all personal injury cases, Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C.’s formula for success equals active client involvement combined with the aggressive, intelligent practice of law. Forty years of personal injury law practice have put our attorneys where we are today: ready to listen and help you here and now after your workplace injury.


Crane accidents can be devastating for workers on a construction project as well as for pedestrians and bystanders. They often result in serious and even fatal injuries. If cranes are not properly maintained and operated, serious accidents can occur.

Our team of highly accomplished and experienced New York City attorneys have extensive experience and a proven record of results in cases involving life-changing personal injury. We can sit down with you and discuss your options for seeking maximum compensation for the harm you or your loved one has suffered due to an accident or another’s negligence.


There are many potential dangers on construction sites, especially when employees are working at large heights. Some of these dangers are falling objects and debris that drop onto workers below.

Not all of these accidents are the result of worker carelessness. In some cases, these workers are being asked to use tools or perform jobs that are not safe. Many falling debris accidents could have been prevented through the use of proper safety regulations and guidelines.

Workers at heights, including scaffolding, ladders, steel girders, cranes and other large structures, may drop objects that include power tools, hammers, saws, glass, pulleys, winches, cables, drywall, lumber and other materials or debris.


Property owners may be held liable for paying damages to workers injured in a fall from defective or improper scaffolding setup on their property. In addition, a worker injured in a scaffold fall may seek damages from the scaffold manufacturer or negligent subcontractor responsible for setting up and maintaining the scaffolding properly.

Workers’ comp will not cover the full extent of financial damages for a workplace injury, and has no provisions for paying for pain and suffering and other lifetime costs resulting from a serious injury.

If you can show that another party (referred to as a third party) shares responsibility for negligence, such as a subcontractor or property owner responsible for the defective or dangerous scaffolding, you have legal recourse to seek additional damages. These types of legal actions are referred to as “third-party” lawsuits that we discuss in further detail below.

In specific types of construction site injury cases, the local municipality in which you were working may share liability for damages for your injuries. If you were injured while working on a government building project, you have only 90 days to file a notice of intent to claim compensation. See us right away to discuss the circumstances of your scaffolding accident.



When workers are performing duties at heights, there is an obvious need for proper safety measures to keep those workers from falling. Falls from heights often result in catastrophic and fatal injuries that are devastating for victims and their families.

Our lawyers are equipped to handle fall from heights cases involving falls off scaffolding and ladders, falls from roofs, falls off fences and other high barriers, falls from electrical poles, falls from high steels and falls from man lifts, spider lifts or cranes.


Forklifts are commonly used on construction sites and at other industrial work sites throughout New York. These vehicles need to be driven properly, given that they weigh thousands of pounds and can cause devastating injuries in an accident. Unfortunately, when drivers are not properly trained or when forklifts are not driven correctly, it can have catastrophic or fatal results.

While workers on construction and industrial work sites are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, victims of forklift accidents may also pursue third-party liability claims against responsible property owners or contractors. Our attorneys will work to determine whether someone other than your employer was negligent and can be held liable for your accident.

Examples of negligence that can lead to forklift accidents include overloading or improper loading of forklift materials, malfunctions and lack of protective guarding, and the insufficient training of forklift operators.


Property owners have strict liability for injuries suffered by workers in falls from roofs and ladders, work platforms or other heights while performing job tasks on their property.

In cases involving defective scaffolding or ladders, or falls from roofs, there are often multiple parties who share liability for damages. Under Labor Statutes 240 and 241, the property owner can be held liable for damages, but the manufacturer or subcontractor responsible for installing the scaffolding may also share legal responsibility. We thoroughly investigate your fall accident to determine the full extent of liability and seek maximum compensation from every responsible party.

A fall from height often results in the most serious and catastrophic injuries. We have experience helping injured workers receive lifetime compensation for complex injuries such as back and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and compound fractures, joint injuries, and crush injuries.



Workers in factories and production facilities face some of the most dangerous working conditions in the United States. A simple mistake by a co-worker, or an improperly maintained machine or piece of assembly line equipment can result in an accident that can cause a life-changing injury.

New York law allows injured workers to seek compensation from all negligent parties whose negligence caused the construction accident. These third parties can include the property owner, the manufacturer of a defective or unsafe equipment, and even a subcontractor who acted negligently for improperly installing or maintaining a piece of industrial equipment.

Damages in third-party lawsuits typically cover the full extent of financial losses an injured worker will face over a lifetime, including money for pain and suffering, which workers’ compensation cannot.


Our law firm’s formula for success over 40 years is based on a combination of client involvement and aggressive advocacy. We look forward to listening to the details of your workplace injury and explaining how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.