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Workplace Injuries Archives

The most dangerous jobs in the country

The full-time work schedule is one most Americans are familiar with; whether an employee loves or despises the job, it puts food on the table. But what if that job compromises more than a good night's sleep, or a night out on the town? Millions of the nation's workers put their lives on the line daily so they can make a living. It is hard to believe for many, but simply the environments in which these workers are surrounded pose an immediate threat to safety. Like any state, New York sees a prominent number of work-related injuries, and some industries are much more dangerous than others.

What are the most common workplace hazards?

Employees and employers in New York both do their best to ensure that their working environments are clean, healthy, and safe. However, every workplace has its hazards. Some may be hiding in plain sight. Knowing how to identify these sources of injury can help you make your work truly safe.

How serious are repetitive stress injuries?

Though workplace injuries are often associated with the severe accidents commonly seen in factory jobs, New York office workers like you aren't exempt. In fact, it's the office worker who often suffers from repetitive stress injuries, which can be quite debilitating.

What is tendonitis and bursitis?

Have you noticed an ache or pain in your shoulder, elbow, wrist or other area that is unusual? If the area is marked by some swelling and even redness you may be experiencing symptoms associated with a repetitive motion injury. Many people in New York face these conditions often because of the activities they perform over and over again at their jobs. Repetitive motion injuries should be taken seriously in order to avoid further injury.

Little-known facts about workplace injuries

When most New York residents think of workplace injuries, construction and oil fields are typically the first industries to come to mind. However, a surprising number of nurses also experience injuries while on the job. While the injuries a nurse experiences may not initially appear as catastrophic as, for example, those caused by a falling machine or explosion, the detrimental effects of injuries and illness can be lasting. 

Common workplace injuries

If you have spent any time on a construction site in New York, you know the hazards are numerous. However, if the contractors or property owners on the job are lax in their maintenance and safety standards, your chances of injury may increase dramatically. Here at Rosenbaum and Rosenbaum Attorneys at Law, we recognize the gravity of workplace injuries.

OSHA investigations

When a New York resident is involved in an accident at work or develops an illness due to a work-related situation or environment, it may be necessary to have an investigation conducted to learn more about what may have contributed to the event or condition. This may be done by investigators from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The fatal four on construction sites

Do you or someone you love work in the construction industry in New York? If so, you know that it only takes a brief moment for something to go wrong on a construction job site that may have extremely serious if not deadly repercussions. Certainly there are reasons that make construction a potentially risky line of work but that should not mean that a construction worker should be expected to be injured or killed on the job.


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