Parents are understandably cautious about the kinds of toys that they buy for their children. 

For example, some toys and items with small parts are inappropriate for children under certain ages. Small children may have a habit of putting things in their mouths. Giving your child a toy with tiny parts can be dangerous. 

Most toy manufacturers provide an intended age range on their products’ packaging. But sometimes toys are not as safe as the advertising suggests. When this happens, toys may be recalled

Below, we will look at five of the biggest toy recalls in the United States:

1. Mattel Lead-Contaminated Products

In 2007, Mattel was required to recall over 400,000 toys because of lead contamination. These were promotional toys for the film Cars

The toys were manufactured in China and were covered in lead-based paint. This type of paint is banned in the United States due to known health risks.

At the same time, Mattel recalled more than 18 million toys because they featured a small magnet. This small piece presented a choking hazard for young children.

2. Aqua Dots Recall

Aqua Dots was a successful brand of arts and crafts accessories for children. In 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that Aqua Dots beads were covered in a chemical that caused severe health issues when swallowed. 

Children who ingested the chemical experienced many concerning symptoms, including the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Ongoing nausea

In rare cases, children slipped into a comatose state. As a result, the Aqua Dots company was forced to recall their toys.

3. Aqua-Leisure Inflatable Baby Boats

This children’s product was an inflatable boat intended to allow very young children to float in a pool. The toy included straps to hold the child’s legs in the intended place.

But in many cases, the straps were not strong enough. When the straps tore, the child risked falling through the product and into the water.

Eventually, it was discovered that the Aqua-Leisure company knew about the problem six years before recalling the product. Sadly, at least 30 children drowned as a result of the faulty product before the recall was issued.

4. Lawn Darts

Small parts are not the only reason for toy recalls. Some products feature sharp points or edges. 

Lawn darts were large sharp darts intended for children to throw in their backyards. Many child injuries were caused by lawn darts, and at least three children died.

Because of the harm caused by these dangerous toys, lawn darts were banned for a short time during the 1980s. One manufacturing company brought a legal challenge against the ban and was successful.

As a result, lawn darts became legal again. However, the manufacturer was required to market their products only to adults. 

Eventually, the father of one fatally wounded child convinced the Consumer Product Safety Commission to reinstate the ban. Now, lawn darts are banned outright in the United States.

5. Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids Doll Recall

In the 1990s, Cabbage Patch dolls were an incredibly popular brand of children’s toy. One type of Cabbage Patch doll was designed to eat small plastic snacks.

The snacks were pulled into the doll with an internal motor. Unfortunately, the motor would activate when any object was placed in the doll’s mouth. This included children’s hair and fingers. 

The doll also did not feature a power switch to turn off the motor in case of an emergency. As a result of these hazards, Mattel voluntarily recalled the Cabbage Patch Snacktime doll in 1997.

You may be entitled to compensation if your child was injured by a dangerous toy. You may be able to file a product liability claim and hold the manufacturer strictly liable for your child’s damages. Contact a personal injury lawyer to explore your options. 

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