Compensation for your injuries as you ride the road to recovery

With the ever-increasing number of drivers out on the road, traffic is often a concern for many individuals across the country. Perhaps you have recently decided to travel to and from destinations via bicycle. In heavily congested areas, this mode of transportation may be faster than a vehicle. However, there could be a certain level… read more

My doctor wants to amputate. What will happen to me?

After suffering serious injuries in an accident, doctors work to determine what treatment will provide you with the best chance of getting back to a normal life. Unfortunately, that might mean the amputation of a limb. Fear and anxiety often surround hearing that you will lose a limb, but knowing what to expect might help… read more

The unseen injuries are the ones to worry about after a crash

You expect to feel aches and pains after an accident. Even when the injuries seem minor, some pain exists because of the impact. Do not take those pains lightly, especially if your torso and abdominal area hurt. That pain could signify an internal injury that could kill you if not treated properly and immediately. Going… read more

If we cannot fall well: Premises liability in New York

Even though the chances are higher during the winter months, slip and fall injuries can happen in any season. Even though humans can be incredibly durable, we can also be extremely susceptible to injuries caused by sudden impacts and falls. Because of the high potential for significant injury, slip and fall injuries should always be… read more

NYC hopes to increase cyclists’ safety with lasers

Since it was first implemented in 2013, the bike-sharing program Citi Bike has achieved a multitude of things. In addition to providing people with reliable means of transportation, it has also increased the health and overall well being of many riders while also reducing traffic. However, riding a bike in a city always comes with… read more

What if a seat belt isn’t as safe as you think?

There are 43 million drivers over 65 years old in the U.S. That’s almost one in every five drivers, and in the next 30 years, the number of senior drivers is expected to grow by 77 percent. Unfortunately, the risk of being killed or injured in a car accident increases with age. The fatal crash… read more

Why you should seek a second medical opinion

As a patient, you depend on your doctor or other medical professional to accurately assess your symptoms, come up with a diagnosis and create a treatment plan that works to improve your life as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when you may want a second opinion before trusting what your doctor has to… read more

It Is Good To Share Even Possibly Negative Information With Your Attorney When You Have Been Hurt

There are many things to consider when pursuing a claim for an injury you suffered. One of the things that most people have not thought of is how any past personal injury lawsuits they were involved in could impact the success of any current litigation. A case being brought against the City of New York… read more

Four social media mistakes that can hurt your personal injury claim

When injured, it is natural to want to reach out to your support system for comfort. In this day and age, that often means posting information on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Snap chat. Although this is tempting, those who are moving forward with a personal injury claim need to use these sites… read more