With the ever-increasing number of drivers out on the road, traffic is often a concern for many individuals across the country. Perhaps you have recently decided to travel to and from destinations via bicycle. In heavily congested areas, this mode of transportation may be faster than a vehicle. However, there could be a certain level of risk involved in traveling via bicycle.

Drivers sometimes overlook cyclists, often causing them to pay the price in a subsequent collision. Maybe you were riding a bike to work when a car came out of nowhere and ran straight into you. Accidents involving cyclists are often catastrophic in nature, and chances are, you likely suffered serious injuries in the process.

Who’s at fault in a bicycle accident?

Cyclists and drivers have the same set of rules while out on the road, along with a duty of care concerning the safety of everyone nearby. In accidents involving injuries, negligence among one or more parties is often a contributing factor. As a cyclist, you might have a tough time avoiding the negligent actions of a driver, which often include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey traffic sign/light
  • Drifting into other lanes
  • Reckless disregard for safety

When injured in an accident, and subsequently seeking damages through the civil justice system, you will have to prove that the other party was responsible for the incident in question. Negligence on the part of a cyclist can reduce the amount of, or your ability to obtain, compensation for damages through a claim against the driver. Some circumstances where a cyclist may be responsible, even if only partially, for a collision can include:

  • Travelling the wrong way
  • Failure to obey traffic sign/light
  • Sudden movements or turns

Evaluation and assistance

Accidents involving a bicycle and a car are often one-sided concerning injuries. You may be experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering following your collision, and you could be in dire need of financial relief. If you believe the other party was negligent in the incident, in accordance with New York state traffic laws, you are probably wondering how to move forward with a personal injury claim.

You could retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney who can provide you with guidance and assistance throughout this stressful and challenging process. An attorney can thoroughly evaluate your accident and assist you in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable for your injuries. This can help set your mind at ease while you are on the road to recovery.

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