Since it was first implemented in 2013, the bike-sharing program Citi Bike has achieved a multitude of things. In addition to providing people with reliable means of transportation, it has also increased the health and overall well being of many riders while also reducing traffic. However, riding a bike in a city always comes with hazards.

Despite the many hazards faced by cyclists, there have been no rider deaths as a result of the Citi Bike program and a very small number of serious injuries. Even so, the program is always attempting to make the riding experience safer for the people on their bikes. Road safety education has been effective, but the program will be implementing a new tool: lasers.

Bike share lasers

One of the greatest risks when it comes to biking in a city is visibility. If a vehicle cannot see you, the chances of it making a move that could be potentially fatal for you are much higher. For years cyclists have been attempting to combat this by donning reflective and brightly colored materials, but Citi Bike is taking it a step further with one new tool.

This new advantage for city bikers is coming in the form of the Laserlight. The cycling company Blaze’s CEO originally developed the lights after nearly bring struck by a bus in London because the bus could not see her. Since its development, the light has already been integrating into the bike sharing program in London.

The light itself uses 300 lumens worth of lasers to project a bicycle icon on the street 20 feet in front of the rider. This brightly colored image alerts vehicles and pedestrians to the presence of an oncoming cyclist. When used in addition to dedicated bike lanes, NYC officials hope that this technology will further increases cyclists’ safety.

As of right now, the Laserlights are being installed on 250 Citi Bikes. More lights may be installed, depending on the feedback from the 250 laser-equip bikes on the street. However, these safety features will never completely eliminate the risk of sharing the road with vehicles, pedestrians and other bikers.

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