When injured, it is natural to want to reach out to your support system for comfort. In this day and age, that often means posting information on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Snap chat. Although this is tempting, those who are moving forward with a personal injury claim need to use these sites carefully.

Keep in mind: information shared on social media can be used against you during your case.

Avoid these four mistakes to help better ensure your posts do not cause more harm than good:

  • Check privacy. Social media sites, like Facebook, generally have privacy settings. Check to make sure only your friends, not the general public, can view information you put online.
  • Watch photos carefully. If possible, put a block on posting of photos. If you choose to allow photos, try to find a way to ensure that you approve the photo before it goes online. Review these photos carefully and make sure that they do not include anything incriminating.
  • Watch your words. Review status updates, posts, tweets, everything that you may post online carefully. Consider what could happen if the opposing side were to get hold of the post before it goes live.
  • Watch your friends’ words. Carefully review anything you are tagged in. If it could hurt your case, have your friend delete the post or photo immediately.

A recent publication on Lexology discussed the issue, urging those with personal injury claims to cease all social media usage until after the matter is settled. Although this is the best way to ensure that nothing is used against you, careful use of the Internet is an option. Just remember, before you post anything, consider what would happen if the other side got the information.

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