While “medical malpractice” is a term widely used, many New York residents are unfamiliar with the fine print of these claims. Although mistakes are common, they can be complex and difficult to pinpoint; not to mention, they can come with damages that may last a lifetime. The below information discusses some recent facts about medical malpractice claims, as well as the ways doctors handle such situations.

According to a Forbes article published last October, medical malpractice claims appear to be on the decline. However, OB/GYNs and neurosurgeons still face a considerable number of lawsuits. As for the payout of these claims, Forbes shares that the average malpractice payment has seen a 25 percent increase since the 1990s — OB/GYNs and neurosurgeons see these payments occur in roughly one out of eight claims. And although many point toward unsatisfactory outcomes as the sole reason behind malpractice claims, countless patients across the nation experience horrific results from medical procedures.  

When an error does occur, finding both proper medical attention and seeking justice can become the focal concerns. CBS News highlights the issue of surgical errors, immediately pointing to national guidelines that recommend that a doctor provide full disclosure to a patient. So, many might wonder, do doctors fulfill this responsibility? According to one JAMA Surgery study highlighted in the CBS report, a great number of surgeons do not meet this important standard. Many completed some disclosure practices — but not all — regarding an adverse surgical incident. CBS shared that the number of surgeons who said they apologized for the event totaled to only 55 percent. The study even revealed that the doctors who avoided disclosure were also the most negatively affected by mishaps. Of course, accidents do happen, but an honest doctor is one who admits to mistakes, provides full disclosure, takes responsibility and is proactive throughout the entire process.      

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