Getting hurt on the job can mean serious injuries, a stream of medical bills and time out of work. New York employees currently dealing with the effects of an accident that took place at work can easily feel strained from the seemingly endless process that can ensue. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate the state’s workers’ compensation process in order to get the best possible results.

As with most states, New York enforces its own workers’ compensation regulations. The state’s official website gives an introduction to workers’ compensation and the process that follows, defining the term as insurance that provides medical care, cash benefits or both for workers who experience injuries or illness as a direct result of the job. An employer generally takes on the responsibility of paying for such coverage, and the employee should not be required to contribute to payments. The amount awarded to the employee, as explained by the state’s description of current laws, is not decreased or increased as a result of various factors; these factors include an employee’s carelessness and an employer’s fault in the situation.

Findlaw presents a more specific scope into New York’s workers’ compensation laws and specific employee benefits, informing readers that most employers in the state are required to carry coverage for employees. In addition, the timeframe in which an employee must report the incident contains a waiting period of seven days, and a retroactive period after 14 days. When it comes to filing time limitations, Findlaw shares that employees in the state have 30 days to give an employer notice of an accident, typically with two years to file a claim. New York employees also have the freedom of choosing the doctor after an injury at work. An injury in any environment can become complicated, but when one happens at work, there are special steps to take to reach solutions.  

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