In the United States, product liability laws exist as a means to help protect consumers from injuries caused by defective products. A manufacturing defect, in the most basic sense, basically means that something went wrong when the particular product was being assembled. Some of the most publicized manufacturing defects involve foodborne illnesses, contaminants in prescription bottles and car recalls.

The problem with manufacturing defects is that the thing you buy in the store usually changes hands multiple times. This line of production can begin with the suppliers of raw materials which are then shipped to different companies that build parts for a product. Then other companies in turn assemble the product, store the product and finally sell the product to consumers. This means there are, for any given product, five or more changes in hands. So the issue becomes, how do you know who broke it? Luckily, there are people who have the knowledge required to track down the source of a defect.

If you or a loved one was injured while using something you purchased then you may have a product liability case. If this happened to you then you may want to consult with a litigation attorney. Sometimes you are not the only one who was hurt by a defective product, so an attorney can help identify other parties. This is advantageous because there is safety in numbers when you are trying to take on a major manufacturing company.

Products liability law serves an important purpose: to allow you to have avenues for compensation should you be injured by a defective consumer good. Moreover, these laws help to ensure that companies put out safe products.

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