It is normal to assume that the stuff you buy at the grocery store is safe. After all, there is the FDA, the CDC and any number of state agencies and acronyms that exist to make sure that you can safely buy milk and medicine. Unfortunately with what may appear to be an uncomfortable frequency, recalls need to be occasionally ordered by food and drug companies to stop consumers from purchasing potentially dangerous products. Now and then food or drug slips through the regulatory framework and so recalls are issued by companies and by agencies, like the FDA, to minimize consumer injuries.

Lipo Escultura Corp of Brooklyn, New York affirmatively issued a recall of all Lipo Escultura dietary supplements. The supplement was tested by the FDA, and it found two ingredients that are potentially harmful when consumed. These ingredients were removed from the market by the FDA because they are known to cause high blood pressure, increased pulse rate and can present a significant risk to people with pre-existing coronary problems.

Supplement companies should thoroughly test their products before putting them on the market for public consumption. But sometimes potentially dangerous products make it to consumers, some of whom may suffer adverse effects.

Products liability can be a complicated matter to litigate. There are numerous potential defendants who may try to pass off the burden of your injury. If you or a loved one have been harmed by a dietary supplement, an experienced products liability attorney may be able to help you secure appropriate compensation.

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