There are countless matters to sort out in the wake of a loved one’s death. Notifying friends and family, organizing a funeral, determining who is to administer their estate. It all takes time and can be extremely draining, both emotionally and physically. However it is something that countless families in New York face each year.

It is always hard dealing with bereavement. However, if your loved one’s death was caused by someone else, your grief may also be mixed with a desire to seek justice. If so, there is a chance that you might decide to pursue a wrongful death claim. It may seem like a lot to think about when you are caught up in mourning and adjusting to the void in your life. However, it may result in some much-needed financial support for you and your family.

Of course, some deaths are simply tragic accidents in which no one is to blame. However, in other cases someone’s negligence or even malice can be the direct cause of a fatal incident. If you plan to make a wrongful death claim, it is important to determine whether your loved one’s cause of death falls into this category.

As this article on personal injury explains, wrongful death can result from a number of circumstances. These include criminal behavior, accidents on airplanes or involving automobiles, and lack of attention during a supervised activity. Being exposed to hazardous substances at work can also be the cause of wrongful death, as can medical malpractice.

If you think you may have a valid claim, you might benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can examine your case and may be able to assist you in making your claim or at least in securing an adequate payout from your insurance provider.

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