If a person close to you has ever been endangered by someone else’s negligence, you may have found yourself wanting to seek justice for the wrongdoing. But what if that incident didn’t simply endanger your loved one, but brought about their death? Sadly, families across the U.S. experience the wrongful death of someone close to them all too often and New York families are no exception. In such cases, some choose to challenge those responsible in order to find answers, closure and compensation for their loss.

In Florida, this is currently the quest of a mother whose 27-year-old daughter was killed allegedly as a result of her work as a Sheriff’s informer. The young woman had been tasked with participating in a number of drug deals under the office’s supervision. However, after her identity was revealed by the release of her name and audio and video of drug deals she was involved in, her safety was believed to have been compromised.

She allegedly began receiving threats and asked for protection. However, according to the lawsuit, she was told that she would be fine. About a month after the audio and video release, she was shot dead in her car. Three men have since been charged with her murder, all of whom are said to have had connections to the drug stings.

The young woman’s mother has since challenged the agency with a wrongful death lawsuit. She feels that inadequate protection and surveillance was given to her daughter, ultimately resulting in her murder. The lawsuit is pursuing damages of over $15,000.

Regardless of the potential settlement, this mother still must live her life without her daughter. It may have happened in another state, but mothers in New York can imagine the grief and pain associated with such a loss. If you lose a loved one to someone else’s carelessness, it is natural to want to seek justice. An attorney can assist you with your claim and may be able to help you secure compensation for this devastating occurrence.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Family of slain sheriff’s informer files wrongful-death suit,” Danny Valentine, July 11, 2014

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