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Tips for safe summer driving

Motorists in New York will no doubt be setting out for many fun and exciting adventures this summer. However, along with the beautiful weather comes many driving risks, some of which may prove deadly if drivers are not adequately prepared. In this case, the following summer driving trips are essential to keeping safe and secure behind the wheel. urges caution when taking to the road, especially when on long road trips. In this case, undergoing proper vehicle maintenance is not only a practical issue, but also a safety concern. Top off essential fluids, have tire pressure checked and ensure that your wiper blades are up to snuff. More comprehensive checks, such as those involving engine belts and hoses, is also recommended if it’s been more than a few years.

How are mild brain injuries detected?

If you have ever been in a serious car accident, minor fender bender or hit your head after falling, you may have received a traumatic brain injury. In some instances, however, you may not have known that you injured an area of your soft brain tissue. While some people experience immediate effects of brain damage, others don’t notice the signs for days, weeks or even months after the accident occurred. Obtaining immediate medical attention is crucial to repairing the damage that has occurred in the brain. Although severe brain trauma causes the most significant brain damage, even mild brain damage can have long-lasting cognitive damage that can affect you for years to come.

Traditional screening devices used to diagnose moderate to severe brain trauma did not readily show damage that occurred in the white matter of the brain. This mild damage, however, affects key cognitive abilities, including the ability to process language and form memories. Researchers found that diffusion tensor imaging, a form of MRI, can now show physicians where this damage has occurred. Normal white tissue appears structured and orderly on the screening. The damaged areas show darker and pinpoint where the trauma has occurred.

Facts about truck accidents

New York city streets are busy places, and accidents are not uncommon. When a large truck is involved, it increases the chances for more extreme injuries and damages. At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, we understand the risks of being involved in a truck accident. It can be a very difficult situation because of the complex insurance issues and the involvement of the trucking company. You can educate yourself about these accidents to learn more about the risks of getting into one and why they occur.

Truck accidents are usually caused by driver error or equipment failure. In some cases, the company may be pushing their drivers too hard, demanding them to meet schedules that are impossible. This leads to speeding, reckless driving and fatigued driving. The worst injuries in an accident involving a large vehicle are usually those in the other vehicle. It is a simple matter of science. Larger objects will cause more damage to a smaller object than the other way around.

Medication errors can endanger the lives of patients

When seeking medical treatment in New York, patients expect healthcare professionals to provide the very best in care. However, mistakes can and will happen, especially when it comes to prescribing medication. That's why it’s crucial that both the health care community as well as patients remain vigilant against the possibility of medication errors.

As stated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, over a 25 year period the agency received almost 30,000 claims of medication errors. Some posit that the number could actually be much greater, since reporting of errors is largely voluntary. A medication error is defined as an avoidable instance of medication being incorrectly prescribed or administered and resulting in patient injury.  

Truck accident claims lives of 2 New Yorkers

When people are involved in a large truck accident, the outcome can be especially perilous. Not only does it take large truck drivers longer to slow down, but the massive size of their trucks can make a collision even more devastating. In Manhattan, and on roads across New York, it is essential for those who drive a semi, delivery truck or other large truck to understand the importance of preventing these accidents.

A truck collision that recently took place in the state of Illinois claimed the lives of two people from New York. Law enforcement officials say that two semi trucks collided during the crash, which resulted in a fiery scene and brought traffic on I-70 to a complete stop. The accident claimed the lives of two New Yorkers, a 60-year-old from Glen Falls and a 51-year-old from Brooklyn.

Defective Medical Devices: FDA Warning on IVC Filters

The FDA issued its warning on the dangers against long-term IVC Filter use in 2010. Soon after the alert was issued revealing the dangers of these defective medical devices, a decrease in the use of IVC Filters was recorded. However, this proved to be too little, too late for some patients already implanted with the defective medical device.

Sleep-deprived truckers are a disaster waiting to happen

If you don't believe that drowsiness, sleep deprivation and fatigue present any real danger, consider the fact that history blames sleep deprivation for disasters such as the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl. One drowsy driver isn't going to cause that kind of devastation, but it's not just one drowsy driver. Research indicates that approximately 168 million people drove without adequate sleep last year.

Suing a doctor for misdiagnosing Alzheimer's

Many misdiagnosis suits focus on what wasn't done. The doctor thought it was the wrong disease therefore precious time was wasted treating an illness that wasn't there. Furthermore, the patient endured the side-effects of the medications and treatments associated with that misdiagnosed disease. But there is a second concern, the harm caused by the actual misdiagnosis. If a doctor tells you that you have Alzheimer's you are likely to find the news crushing, even perhaps to the point of suicide. Thus, misdiagnosis suits develop from two points, the lost time to combat the real disease and the mental anguish from dealing with the misdiagnosed disease.


Clinical trial tests Progesterone to treat severe TBIs

A TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a severe injury to the brain. It is defined by major damage to a person's brain that can result in decline in memory, cognitive function and neurological operations. Severe TBIs can substantially reduce the future well-being of the victim and even leave them dependent on outside care and machines. As such, many doctors are devoted to finding ways to treat victims of TBIs and to help them regain full function of their brains.


Fatal school bus crashes and litigation strategy

You probably remember the multi-fatality school bus crash in Tennessee. Now the families are pursuing litigation for deaths and fatalities connected to the collision. The nature of dealing with multi-plaintiff suits are complicated, and it isn?t always clear who you can hold responsible for the accident. This post will go over how you investigate and prosecute these cases.



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