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Injuries reported in recent New York bus crash

Students in New York ride the school bus every weekday. The parents of those children and teenagers expect they will arrive at their destinations safely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Motor vehicle accidents happen. Recently, a bus accident occurred in Gerry, New York, on Route 60. The bus was transporting high school athletes… read more

Soccer headers may cause traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries have permanent detrimental effects on memory, attention and the processing of visual information. Attention parents: It has recently been discovered these injuries can be caused by playing soccer. A recent study found that repeated heading of soccer balls, the act of driving the ball off a player’s head, can affect the brain… read more

New York roadways scrutinized in wake of fatal accident

When individuals travel along stretches of roadway provided by the city or state, they likely feel secure in terms of the safety of the roadways and their structures. Sadly, this belief is not always well-founded. A recent accident has turned the spotlight on what some consider unsafe roadways in New York. Recently, seven individuals were… read more

Police chase leads to death of an unarmed man in New York

When an individual imagines a police officer, safety and protection usually come to mind. This image, however, quickly evaporates when officers are the direct cause of a loved one’s death. Following such an event, a wrongful death suit may be pursued. Recently, police attempted to apprehend a 27-year-old man in New York, known for his… read more

Grieving mother files wrongful death lawsuit

Grieving individuals search for a way to become whole again. In an attempt to accomplish this goal, they sometimes pursue a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A woman in New York has found herself in this situation. This woman has been grieving for some time after her daughter was murdered by the man… read more

Fiery crash in New York leaves one person dead

Car accidents occur on a daily basis across the nation. Their outcomes vary, sometimes resulting in the death of a loved one. If the negligence of an individual is the cause, a civil suit may be in order. A fatal crash occurred recently in New York between a tractor-trailer and a livery car. The tractor-trailer… read more

New York woman suffers a broken nose at Apple store

Injuries happen in New York and elsewhere. It is simple a fact of life. When an individual or company is at fault for the injury a person sustains, however, a civil suit may follow. In December, an 83-year-old woman from Queens suffered a broken nose while visiting an Apple store in Manhasset. She was at… read more

New York woman suffers brain injury due to teen’s reckless actions

Brain injuries are very serious. In many cases, a person who has suffered a brain injury will need lifelong care. Last fall, a New York philanthropist and mother suffered a serious brain injury. Through this trauma she lost the use of her left eye. The injury resulted from the negligence and reckless actions of two… read more

Husband contemplating wrongful death lawsuit for wife’s death

Saying good-bye to a loved one in New York and elsewhere weighs heavy on the lives and hearts of those involved. Friends and family must learn to deal with their new lives. One particular family has recently been dealing with this unfortunate situation and may soon be filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A 31-year-old woman… read more

Family files civil suit after young man’s wrongful death by police

Tragedies happen, and no matter who is at fault, someone suffers. Whether it involves a child, parent, grandparent or spouse, the loss of a loved one is devastating and often leaves people wondering why. Naturally, those grieving need to understand what happened and to seek some form of justice, especially in the case of a… read more