Smart watches and fitness trackers are the latest tech fad to hit the market. There are a variety of “smart” wrist-worn devices from simple fitness trackers to complex products that are mini-substitutes for phones like the Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear. Unfortunately, the expansion of all these devices means that there is yet another device type that can distract drivers.

Some may argue that a watch is a “hands-free” device because it does not require you to operate it to list notifications. However, by its very nature, it requires you to divert your attention from the road to your hand. To view your phone requires you to lift a hand off the wheel and refocus your eyes on a tiny screen, similar to looking at a phone.

Mostly, it seems using a smart phone is little different from using another device while driving. In fact, a study from the Tech Times found that Smart watches may be even more distracting than phones. They conclude this because many smart phone functions only require one hand while watches require at least two, the one holding the watch and the second operating it. The law surrounding Smart watches is not fully developed, but it is safe to assume that if it is illegal to use your phone, it is illegal to use your smart watch.

Were you in an accident with a distracted driver? You may want to speak with a personal injury attorney. Usually, insurance should cover the cost of your injuries and damage to your vehicle. However, you are limited by the other driver’s insurance policy. If his insurance is insufficient, you may have to resort to a lawsuit to pay for your medical bills. A lawyer can help you get the money you need to get your life back in order.

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