Driving in New York may not be as dangerous as you think. New York saw 1,157 traffic fatalities in a recent year. While this seems like a significant number, the overall fatality rate, expressed as the number of deaths per 100,000 people, was only 5.8. 

This is significantly lower than the states with the highest fatality rates:

  • Mississippi: 26.2 
  • South Carolina: 23.1
  • Arkansas: 22.9
  • New Mexico: 22.7

Still, New York is not free from risk. The state is home to some dangerous roads, including one of the deadliest interstates in the country.

5 Deadly New York Highways To Know

Numerous factors go into determining whether a road poses an above-average risk to motorists. 

Some of these factors include:

  • The number of lanes that can accommodate traffic
  • The number of drivers who use the road and when they use it
  • The types of vehicles (such as cars, motorcycles or trucks) that use the highway
  • How difficult it is to navigate the road

Drivers should exercise caution if they are traveling along any of the following highways and interstates in New York:

Interstate 95

This major interstate connects New York City with major hubs like Boston, Baltimore, and Miami. Unfortunately, it’s also a hotbed for dangerous driving. There are at least three accident hotspots along I-95 in New York, each of which was the location of more than 100 accidents in a recent year. Combined, these three locations saw over 400 crashes in a single year.

Taconic State Parkway

This approximately 100-mile stretch of road begins north of New York City and proceeds to Chatman. It’s a particularly dangerous stretch, with over 2,000 accidents occurring in a three-year period. Factors such as the narrowness of the road and high traffic volume have been cited as reasons for the high accident rate.

Upper Broadway in Manhattan

Not all roads are dangerous because they pose hazards to motorists. Some, like Upper Broadway in Manhattan, are commonly seen as dangerous because of the hazards cars create for pedestrians and others using the road. 

The New York Police Department recorded at least 122 collisions of all types on Broadway in March 2024 alone. The high volume of pedestrian traffic at all times is what causes Upper Broadway to make this list of dangerous New York roads.

Interstate 87

The stretch of I-87 that connects New York City and Montreal has been the site of approximately 19 fatal accidents per year. That’s why some sources identify it as the most dangerous highway in New York, with the amount of traffic using the road believed to predominantly contribute to its fatality rate.

Niagara Falls Boulevard

The New York Department of Transportation completed a recent safety study on Niagara Falls Boulevard, which runs between Amherst and Tonawanda. The study revealed over 1,500 accidents that happened in a five-year period, with at least 11 pedestrian deaths. It’s a highway known for heavy traffic, but it also runs along several residential areas and popular businesses, making it a particularly dangerous road.

Remaining Safe No Matter Where You Drive in New York

At least two of the most dangerous roads in New York are interstate highways, and others are close to major metropolitan areas like New York City. No matter where you are driving in the state, common-sense tips like driving the speed limit and avoiding distractions can be key to avoiding an accident.If you must travel on any of the five deadliest highways, always exercise greater caution. Moreover, knowing about the specific dangers that a road poses to motorists can help you prepare for your travels on that highway and avoid a serious or fatal accident.

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