When biking in a city setting, it’s imperative that your safety and well-being take priority over everything else. While there’s no surefire way to prevent an accident, there are safety tips you can follow to help avoid trouble.

Here are five things you can do to bike safely in a city setting:

  • Make eye contact with drivers: Your biggest threat is motor vehicles, so you should make eye contact with drivers whenever possible. When combined with hand signals for making turns, you’ll feel better about your ability to remain safe.
  • Watch for opening doors: Just the same as moving vehicles, those parked on the side of the road are dangerous. Your biggest concern is a driver or passenger opening their door into your lane of travel.
  • Beware of turning vehicles: Right turns are most dangerous, as drivers don’t always look over their shoulder to see if pedestrians or bicyclists are in close proximity. As you approach intersections on your bicycle, keep an eye on any vehicles that may be turning right as you travel forward in a straight line.
  • Watch for pedestrians: Pedestrians, just the same as motor vehicles, can cause an accident. You can protect against this by taking extra caution, such as by passing behind them, not in front.
  • Use the bicycle lane when available: You don’t always have access to a bicycle lane, but when you do it’s the safest place to ride. Your primary concern here is sharing the lane with other bicycles. However, keep in mind that it’s still possible for a motor vehicle to drift into the bicycle lane.

With these tips guiding you, it’s easier to bike safely in a city setting.

In the event of a bicycle-car accident, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered a serious injury. This can include everything from a traumatic brain injury to broken bones and deep lacerations.

The sooner you receive medical treatment, the better off you’ll be. Call 911, administer first aid and make sure you visit a local hospital for a thorough evaluation.

When possible, contact your insurance agent and learn more about the many ways to hold the negligent party responsible for causing the accident.

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