A collaboration between three companies may help protect construction workers from onsite injuries. Insurance provider, The Travelers Companies, Inc., is partnering with contracting company Gilbane and Triax Technologies, a tech company focused on the construction industry.

Devices send out auto alerts about onsite falls

Triax created the Spot-r Clip, which is a small device worn on a belt that automatically detects if a worker falls. The device also sends real-time notifications to a supervisor, so the supervisor immediately receives the details of the accident and can locate the injured worker. Construction workers can also report unsafe conditions or incidents through the Spot-r Clip.

New tech being tested in NYC

The Triax tech is being rolled out at Gilbane construction site in New York City, and Travelers will review the data from the devices over the next 20 months. Machinery at the site is also being outfitted with Spot-r EquipTags, which monitors where how and equipment is being used. Managers can also utilize Spot-r EvacTags, which set off a loud, highly visible emergency alarm for workers.

NYC is in a building boom

Construction site safety has become an increasing concern in NYC. The city is in the midst of a building boom with new building projects reaching more than $15 billion in the beginning of 2018. New York beat out all other major metros in the country.

At the same time, construction injuries are on the rise. The Department of Buildings reported in the first seven months of 2018, the number of construction accidents increased by about 18.4 percent. The number of onsite fatalities also doubled from the previous year.

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