If you or one of your family members is employed in the construction industry in New York, you have good reason to want to stay aware of the type of risks faced on job sites everyday. You should be able to trust that employers will do all they can and should to keep people safe but unfortunately this does not always happen. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration all too often must issue citations to companies that fail to follow safety standards.

The Claims Journal reported that the list of top ten violations issued by OSHA in 2017 included nine things in which falls, a commonly acknowledged serious risk on construction sites, may be included. In fact, the violation in the top spot with more than 6,000 citations in the year was fall protection – general requirements. Coming in at number nine is what is referred to as fall protection – training requirements. This violation received more than 1,500 citations last year.

The number three and number six positions were occupied by violations relating to scaffolding and ladders, respectively. In 2017, OSHA issued more than 3,200 citations regarding the former and more than 2,200 citations regarding the latter. Certainly many falls on construction job sites happen from scaffolds or ladders. It is clear from this list that construction companies could do more to keep workers safe from falls on the job. 

If you would like to learn more about the types of violations that occur on construction worksites and your rights to seek compensation after an accident involving a violation, please feel free to visit the construction worker safety page of our New York personal injury website.

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