New York residents who get into accidents involving the head, skull, or brain, may experience something called post-traumatic amnesia. This is a type of memory loss brought on specifically by trauma to the head, which can result in bruising within the brain and other related injury.

BrainLine states that rehabilitation can be a difficult period for brain trauma survivors. This is because post-traumatic amnesia usually affects a victim between coma and full consciousness, making its presence known immediately after wakefulness first occurs. During this time, you may exhibit unusual behavioral patterns like:

  • Impulsiveness
  • Agitation or anger
  • A lack of inhibition
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Childlike behavior
  • Behavior that does not align with your personality

The lack of ability to remember certain long-term things can contribute to some of these behavioral issues.

In addition, post-traumatic amnesia victims will often have very limited short term memory. This can cause stress and frustration not only for the victim, but also for your loved ones. It can be scary, as you may not be able to understand your situation or even recognize loved ones. For those closest to the victim, there is often a fear that this amnesia will not go away. Basic information may be forgotten temporarily as well, like names, places, the current year, your address or your phone number.

Fortunately, there are methods of recovery and aids to help the process move more smoothly. It may take weeks or even months, but the routine storage of new memories will eventually begin to return.

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