It is a fact of modern life that most residents in New York likely carry a cell phone with them most places they go anymore. There are many advantages to this technology and the role it has come to play in one’s business and personal world. However, like most things with benefits there are some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks of cell phones actually comes with very serious and tragic consequences when a driver chooses to manipulate a phone while behind the wheel of a car.

For many decades now, drunk driving has received a lot of public attention and with good reason. Intoxicated people are not safe drivers and have killed far too many innocent drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. In 2015, close to 3,500 people were killed in accidents in which distracted driving was cited as a factor. Some people are calling for legislators to enact stricter laws against distracted driving and while this may be helpful, others believe that the only real relief to this problem will be found in the form of self-driving vehicles.

Some predict that within 13 years, autonomous vehicles will be the only ones available to consumers and that within another 15 years of that, self-driving cars will be the only such vehicles on American roads. It is only at this point that some insist distracted driving accidents will end.

While waiting for help from autonomous vehicles, New York residents might find working with an attorney helpful after a crash caused by a distracted driver.

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