The loss of a loved one is the toughest life event a person will ever experience. When it occurs in a tragic accident, in which your loss is sudden and unexpected, the fallout can be significantly more difficult to overcome. You may be in search of answers or justification following the incident, but you may not know where to look for support.

Perhaps it was a single-car collision that claimed your loved one’s life, in which he or she was a passenger. Countless individuals have died in similar accidents due to the driver’s negligent actions. If the driver is responsible for your loss, you could be wondering if you can hold him or her accountable.

Types of negligence and the possible outcome

While there are a myriad of circumstances in which a collision can occur, some causes are more prevalent than others. In the case of a single-car accident, certain factors that can indicate the presence of negligence by the driver include the following:

  • Distracted driving:  Drivers who perform unnecessary actions while operating a vehicle, such as texting, have been the cause of countless fatal accidents over recent years.
  • Driving under the influence:  Alcohol and drugs, even prescription drugs, can impair a person’s ability to drive safely.
  • Reckless driving:  Individuals who choose to ignore traffic laws, whether by speeding or making unsafe decisions, often put passengers at risk.
  • Fatigue:  If a person is tired or drowsy while behind the wheel, he or she will often exhibit some of the same signs as a distracted or drunk driver.

If, a type of negligence was responsible for your loss, but you are still uncertain what to do next, you should consider filing a wrongful death claim. A successful case may require showing the following:

  • Fault:  Proving that the driver’s actions caused the death of your loved one is often an essential aspect.
  • Relation: In most cases, you must be the spouse, child or parent of the deceased.
  • Damages: Evidence of damage, such as a loss of wages and/or end-of-life expenses, is typically also a requirement.

Obtaining guidance during the search for closure

Regarding the untimely loss of a loved one, such tragedies can be utterly devastating. Although no action will bring him or her back, obtaining compensation for financial losses might be a stepping stone to finding closure. No one should face these challenges alone. You should speak with an attorney who has experience handling wrongful death claims. A knowledgeable New York attorney can provide guidance throughout this difficult period, which can be extremely beneficial to obtaining the full amount of compensation to which you’re entitled.

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