Gone are the days when plastic surgery consisted of breast enhancements and botox injections. Now there are plastic surgeries to enhance or repair a variety of issues from facial wrinkles to rough elbows and shaved down toes. There are plastic surgeries to alter just about any part of the human body. But the proliferation of procedures does not mean that the associated risk is reduced. This post will go over the three procedures that incur the most injuries and unintended consequences.

Facial reconstruction is usually done as a way to repair a person’s face after severe trauma, typically in a car accident. The major risk in facial reconstruction cases is that you could suffer nerve damage in your face. Facelift patients often report numbness and loss of motion. Unfortunately, severe nerve damage can also result in dropping of facial features (i.e. you are unable to smile, squint or other facial expressions).

Liposuction and tummy tucks are abdominal surgeries designed to reduce stomach fat tissue. Liposuction removes the fat while tummy tucks remove the excess skin. Unfortunately, these surgeries are close to several major organs which increase risk. First, patients who undergo tummy tucks occasionally suffer from seronomas (an excess build-up of fluids), necrosis, and internal bleeding. Liposuction can result in blood clots, fat clogs, and perforations in the stomach.

Finally, butt implants or injections are done to increase the roundness and firmness of the butt. Butt implants do this by utilizing implants (like in breast enhancements) or with injections of fat. While the butt is one the largest and most strong muscles, it is still placed near several delicate areas. First, an improper surgery can increase pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is incredibly painful. Additionally, implant procedures always carry the risk of injections, implant rupture or internal bleeding.

Did you suffer a personal injury due to a surgical error? If yes, you may want to speak to an attorney; you could have an actionable claim for medical malpractice. Medical malpractice cases result when you suffer an injury due to the negligent actions of the doctor or medical staff. A lawyer can go over your case and advise you of how you may recover compensation for your injuries.

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