The busy roads of New York see countless accidents every year. A moment’s distraction, an unexpected malfunction or the erratic behavior of another driver can all lead to an accident. Suddenly, you’re facing repair bills for your vehicle and the prospect of dealing with your insurance provider, not to mention medical expenses and a potentially long recovery from your injuries.

Such events are tragically not uncommon. However, little could have prepared New York drivers for the 50-car pileup that occurred one evening on the interstate. The crash resulted in injuries to seven people, some of whom were believed to have suffered at least moderate harm. Fortunately all were later found to have only minor injuries. Meanwhile, more road users began to filter through, exacerbating the situation.

According to officers, slippery road surfaces caused by falling snow was a factor in the incident, as was speed. It is extremely fortunate that no more harm was done by this potentially devastating crash. The highway was closed for a full three hours while officers attended the scene. An investigation was subsequently in the hands of New York State Police.

While crashes of this scale are uncommon, it is important to remember that anyone can be affected by a car accident. If this should happen to you, once you have sought medical attention, you might profit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can evaluate your case and may be able to assist you in seeking justice for your injuries.

Source: WIVB, “50 car accident causes 7 injuries,” Nov. 27, 2014

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