Whether you have suffered an injury, you’re coping with an ongoing illness or even if you’re receiving care during your pregnancy or birth, you put your well-being in the hands of medical professionals. Sadly, although many doctors and nurses perform their jobs excellently, some do not exercise sufficient care. As a result, many patients in New York and throughout the U.S. see their conditions exacerbated or simply left undiagnosed.

If this happens to you or a loved one, you may want to challenge those responsible. But how can you be sure whether you have a case? As the NCBI explains, medical malpractice law varies from state to state. Even so, a medical professional has a responsibility to his or her patients and is required to provide a certain standard of care. If he or she fails to follow the accepted procedures and this divergence from the norm causes harm to a patient, there is a good chance this counts as medical malpractice.

Often exempt from such liability, however, are volunteers, covered by good Samaritan provisions. Again, the details vary from state to state, but many of these provisions aim to protect bystanders who might not otherwise intervene when someone needs aid, for fear of a lawsuit. Even so, if they acted recklessly or dangerously, causing injury to the victim, they may still be liable.

It is a difficult topic to navigate, especially if you already have the worries of an exacerbated medical condition. Often, an attorney can be useful in determining whether you may be able to claim compensation for negligence that has caused you harm. If so, this might enable you to cover the cost of resultant medical expenses, as well as helping to ensure that others are not similarly harmed by the same person’s irresponsibility.

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