In the blink of an eye, New York residents can survive a sudden accident but then struggle to maintain life at the most basic level. The frightening experience of one man is a case in point.

Two years ago, the man, then 28, sustained a traumatic brain injury after he was thrown from his SUV in a rollover accident after a tractor-trailer rig cut him off in traffic. Doctors warned his family that he might not regain consciousness or be able to move again, let alone walk on his own, if he did wake up.

Thankfully, he did survive and soon began physical therapy, including hyperbaric chamber therapy. The high-pressure chambers are used to treat 14 different conditions, including diabetic wounds, decompression sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning. The therapy creates a condition in which 100% oxygen saturation stimulates damaged cells to regenerate.

The therapy was so successful that the man moved in short order from a wheelchair to a walker and a cane. He can also sleep now, something that was impossible before.

Unfortunately, not all TBI victims are fortunate to find or afford such cutting-edge treatment. Most TBI victims face lives of long-term therapy with limited physical recovery that results in incredible financial strain. Some end up having a tough time paying for everyday necessities because long-term medications and therapies have eaten the majority of their incomes.

For TBI victims and their families who need compensation to meet the expenses of daily life, physical therapy and ongoing drug therapy, an experienced attorney may be able to assist in filing a lawsuit against any negligent parties involved in the accident that led to the brain injury. The duty of such professionals is to ensure that victims receive the appropriate and substantial compensation to ensure that they can finance their recovery.

Source:, “The Alternative: Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy for Brain Injuries,” Barry Carpenter, June 6, 2013

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