Medical Malpractice

Brain injuries can happen to anyone

Many of us have become aware of traumatic brain injuries in the context of professional sports. Hockey and American football players are at high-risk for these injuries. Yet, you don’t have to be a linebacker to sustain a brain injury. Almost 400 brain injuries happen each day. These injuries can result in hospital stays and… read more

Heart attacks in women too often missed

People in New York may well have preconceived ideas about what happens to a person when they experience a heart attack. These ideas may be accurate in some situations but research is finding they are often wrong when it comes to heart attacks in women. It seems that women have a greater likelihood of experiencing… read more

What you should know about medical misdiagnosis

Whether you visit an outpatient clinic physician to inquire about an ongoing illness or take a trip to the emergency room for a more sudden incident, you place your trust in the medical staff who are taking care of you.  These physicians, nurses and assistants are trained, educated and licensed to provide premium care to… read more

The new, improved guidelines for children who have TBI

Raising a child can be anxiety-inducing. Every parent worries about their child’s wellbeing and safety. The last thing that a parent wants for their child is a life-long, potentially debilitating injury. However, this is an everyday reality for hundreds of thousands of families in the United States whose children have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBI)…. read more

Life after a traumatic brain injury

BrainLine also comments on the severity of a TBI and the impact such an injury can have on an individual’s life. Regardless of whether it is a moderate or severe TBI, BrainLine points out that polytrauma often goes hand-in-hand with TBI, and that many patients must deal with multiple disabilites brought on by the initial accident…. read more

Report highlights serious radiology errors

When people in New York think about the various types of medical errors that may occur, a delayed or wrong diagnosis may often be one of the first examples that come to mind. Indeed these are notable problems that may leave patients lacking the necessary care they need for too long or possibly even ever. When… read more

New ruling on adverse events disclosure

Within the medical community, an error is often referrred to as an adverse event. New York residents who may have family members in New Jersey or who may themselves seek medical care in New Jersey should know that 14 years ago the state passed a law that is called the Patient Safety Act of 2004…. read more

Poor communication linked to patient deaths

For many New York residents, when they think about medical errors they think about things like being given the wrong medication, having a sponge or other item left inside the body after a surgery or failing to have a serious illness diagnosed. Certainly these are all examples of medical mistakes but there is another root… read more

Young girl still suffering from botched surgery

The main obstacle that many in New York may have in bringing medical malpractice lawsuits is challenging the opinions and contrary assertions of those who treated them. Plaintiffs in these cases are typically not doctors or nurses. Thus, there medical knowledge likely pales in comparison to the clinicians who are the subjects of their lawsuits…. read more

Reviewing average doctor visit times

Going to doctor is not decision that most in New York make lightly. You likely spend a day in bed when you feel sick, hoping that the rest will allow your body to combat whatever illness you have. Only if rest and over-the-counter medications do not work do you typically then schedule a doctor’s appointment…. read more