In New York and some other states, the number of auto accidents inevitably goes up during the winter. Car tires lose traction on roads that are wet, icy or snowy, and sudden maneuvers can cause the cars to skid or slide around. For this reason, drivers should try to limit their excursions to those that are truly necessary.

In the event that they must head out, drivers are to be mindful of their speed. In some cases, they may even have to lower their speed to what is below the posted limit. They should also be aware that a car’s stopping distance is longer on icy roads. By maintaining a greater distance from the vehicle in front (at least five to six seconds is recommended), drivers can avoid a rear-end collision.

Accelerating and braking are maneuvers that must be done gently and over time. Accelerating from a complete stop can be dangerous as it can lead to the wheels spinning uselessly, but drivers can avoid this problem at most traffic lights by keeping some momentum. Going uphill is another challenge in winter. Drivers should accelerate on the flat area and then travel the length of the incline without feeding gas or braking. At the crest, drivers can slow down and exercise caution.

Unsafe drivers who cause car accidents can be held financially responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that occupants of other vehicles have incurred. Victims might want to have the help of an attorney when seeking compensation for these and other losses, either through a negotiated settlement or a personal injury lawsuit.

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