Most in New York likely have a very clear idea of who is responsible for covering one injury expenses in most situations. In the case of a work-related injury, an employer’s workers’ compensation plan provider should cover it. When a car accident occurs, people rely on financial assistance from their auto insurance companies. Yet what about cases where both of the aforementioned conditions meet? There are many for whom driving is an integral part of their job. Who, then, provides coverage when a work-related car accident occurs. 

The recent tragic death of a police officer in Rochester illustrates such a scenario. The man was driving his police vehicle in to work when it suddenly veered off the road and fell into a Ravine. First responders arrived on the scene to find him dead. Yet it was not the crash that killed him; investigators recovered a bullet casing from the driver’s side door of the vehicle and determined that the man had accidentally shot himself with his weapon while driving. His fiancee confirmed this when she said that he called her immediately after the gun went off telling her that he was going to the hospital. The bullet entered into the man’s thigh and reportedly hit an artery. 

In a case such as this, an argument may be made that workers’ compensation should offer death benefits to beneficiaries. Yet it might also be argued that in cases where a driver was driving to work (and thus not yet on the clock) should instead be covered by one’s auto insurance. Whatever the case may be, accident victims may not have the time to wait for such disputes to be settled. Those facing such a conundrum may instead want to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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