Residents of New York who get into serious accidents risk damage being done to their head, skull and brain. Brain damage in particular can be difficult to deal with because of its long-lasting and highly disruptive impact on a person’s life. Today, we take a look at the recovery process after receiving a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) examines the recovery process after a TBI. In severe cases, a person may start out in a state of altered consciousness. This can include being in a coma, a vegetative state, or minimal consciousness. Most of the effects come from the damage done to the soft tissue of the brain. Therefore, symptoms will decrease as swelling, bruising and bleeding within the brain does.

In the day or weeks following this period, a person will usually go through ups and downs of behavioral and emotional changes. They may overreact to stimuli, be prone to aggressive responses, and experience nervousness, agitation and frustration. Their sleep may be disturbed and they may not be able to focus, learn, or even follow commands some days. says that the process of discerning a person’s degree of recovery is still “crude”, and that it can take weeks, months, or years for an individual to fully recover. The success of a recovery usually depends on factors like age, the duration of unconsciousness, and the duration of the post-traumatic amnesia.

Those who have suffered from TBI unfortunately will usually have a long period of recovery ahead. This can cost a huge sum in medical expenses over time, which is why many seek compensation if the injury was caused by an accident.

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